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After getting approval from BeardedDoomGuy and the consensus from the admin team, I am officially making this the first collaboration the group will recognize and promote.  For the project to have been considered, it had to be a group-wide collaboration in both intention and practice.  Thankfully, this project has shown significant progress (see preview below) in the couple of months it has been in development, and it's more than just a pipe-dream.  The project heads, jack27121, digivee, and Ferexes have shown a strong commitment and expertise to the project, and the contributing artists have as well.  All that's left is more content, and that's where you come in (if you'd like).

I believe the project's website will be better at explaining the details than me (even if I wrote parts of it :P), but to give you an idea what this project is all about:

Current list of artists who have submitted atleast one video:
:iconferexes: :iconherostrain: :icondigivee: :iconkelchanferret: :iconmoviemowdown: :iconjack27121: :iconraptor1701: :icontheshabbycat: :iconwitchtaunter: :iconastonov: :iconwarhorse26: :icontsuriadragon: 
There are a few more who are signed up for the project, but those are the ones who have completed videos at the current time.

What are some of the other things planned for this video?
First of all, we are going to be promoted on the largest (and now only) pony media network PonyvilleLive which averages 250-400 combined listeners per day.  We will have a banner in rotation promoting/hyping up the release.  

Second, with Ferexes as a project head and well-known "horsefamous" 3D artist, we are planning on posting it to his channel.  This is done so that we can achieve the maximum amount exposure to the rest of the fandom.  Ideally, it would be picked up by Equestria Daily and perhaps even the Top Ten Brony Videos for the month it is released.  Thus, it might be a good way to get your name out there (your logo is plastered to the top-right corner of your videos) if you've been looking for some general-fandom exposure.  I'm personally planning on coordinating with EqD to make sure we get the maximum exposure in the post itself (instead of "oh look a collab" having artist lists and DA links even).  

Finally, ata64 and argodaemon will be premiering the animation at Everfree Northwest at the end of May, and it will be shown at the panel at MLP-MSP two weeks later.  Those are two decently-sized cons for more exposure.

What are the expectations?
First and foremost, quality and consistency are paramount.  The project leads have provided template files with all the scenefiles and models you need to make the scene.  Do not try to get creative with the camera it's static.  For an example of the relative quality they are looking for, see the promo above.  There are quite a few guidelines provided on the project's website.  If you are interested in the project, note your interest early on directly to jack27121 or digivee and get started on it.  You will want to provide WIPs of your vids to the project heads so any needed critique can be made in good time.  

Submitting Your Video (from project site):
- Send your video to STAN on Deviantart or on Youtube with the subject "Doors Video Submission"
- Your submission should be submitted by May 20th
- Its preferred you give a direct link to your video with a watermark on it, but you can upload it to youtube. Other filesharing websites include FilesmeltMediafire andDropbox.
- You can add some post processing, but don't colour correct, as it wouldn't match with other scenes.
- Your submission should have your watermark (Any font/colour, ect) in the top right-hand corner of the image, not on the black bar.
- Encode your videos MP4 at 24 FPS either from SFM (good) or after you compile an image sequence into a video (much better quality).  Please try to avoid submitting AVIs or some other format as it will complicate things and potentially waste limited internet bandwidth when downloaded. 

Drop Dead Date (Due) is May 20th! and be sure to name your animations YourDAUsername#

Note:  You can make as many submissions you would like, so it is important to add the # of the submission to the video name for organization.  So I might have The4thaggie1.mp4, The4thaggie2.mp4, The4thaggie3.mp4, etc.

"Doors is an adaptation of the original Doors Youtube collaboration:


The collab is open to everyone. You don't have to ask to join.

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SFM-Ponies is a group based around the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic using valves's source film maker.
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If you want to join this group as a member you need at least one pony related SFM picture in your gallery. If you don't or if you plan to make some in the future only consider watching this group with the right upper button and join as soon as you've uploaded your first picture, thanks! No worries, you can still do everything a member can also do.

If you want a pony OC done for you to use on SFM, don't ask on the group's comments or notes. Any comment or notes to us requesting oc's are gonna be hidden and not replied. You have been warned.

Go HERE or HERE and talk to someone from those lists to make your OC.

SFM-Ponies's sister site: PonySFM

Submission Guidelines
Please follow this guideline when submitting an image to SFM-Ponies.

Mane 6: The main 6 characters of My little pony: friendship is magic.

OC ponies: Original characters done by members of the SFM community.

Background Ponies: Cannon ponies from My little pony: friendship is magic.

NSFW: “Not safe for work” is NOT allowed in this group anymore. Submit it HERE instead.

Villains: Bad guys from My little pony: friendship is magic.

Animated: Animations done in SFM.

Royal Family: Princess Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Prince Blueblood, and Shining Armor.

SFW Anthro Ponies: *safe for work* anthropomorphic ponies.
- No Sexual/suggestive/nude/partially nude anthropomorphized is allowed.
- Fully clothed is allowed.

CMC: Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, and Babs Seed.

Large groups: cautions 5+ ponies in a single group.

Small groups: Cautions 3 to 4 ponies in a single group.

SFM ponies WIP: Showing off your work in progress pony models for SFM.

SFM Resource: Downloadable content of ponies for SFM.

SFM Safe Maps: Maps made for SFM.

Comics: A multiple panel image with texts and a story.

Crossovers: A image/video with different characters from different shows/games.

SFM Resource OC: Downloadable content of Original characters done by members for SFM.

Equestria Girls: For all EqG posters

Submission types disallowed by default:
- NSFW submissions.

If you find any submissions erroneously accepted into the group or in the wrong folders, please report them to us for consideration.

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