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SFM pony stuff

SFM-Ponies Official Mascot: Animazam

^24be255868d95839ca4215407cff7128eb5400b9ddcd641a9 by The4thaggie

Meet Animazam, SFM-Ponies official mascot.  Want to use her in your own art?  Download her and bend her to your will (with joints and stuff I guess)
First of all, this coming weekend a few of us will be up in Minneapolis at MLP-MSP hosting a panel on SFM.  If you are planning to attend, come by and feel free to hang out.  I won't promise it will be recorded, but it would be cool if it was.

Also, I want to mention SFM-Ponies-Gold.  For as long as I have been in the group it seems, there's been a group of people pushing for quality control and those against it.  There are practical reasons for quality control, but after 2.5 years, the current culture has been ingrained.  We can't implement quality control without bastardizing the purpose or removing a significant amount of submissions (effectively killing the group).  Before I was able to roll the QC question to admin pre-decision voting and to the public vote of the group, the people adamant about QC created SFM-Ponies-Gold.  

As a community of artists, it is important to sometimes show examples for others to follow and be inspired by, but it is also important to foster new artists.  Giving you a place to show off your work regardless of enforced standards (other than submission folder guidelines/NSFW) is the point of the main group.  

SFM-Ponies-Gold is different.  That group is for showing the best of the best, and potential members and submissions are scrutinized to see if they adhere to pre-existing baselines.  Everything from AO to lighting to composition and everything else are subjectively (art is subjective in nature after all) evaluated.  If you or your submissions don't get accepted, don't take it personally.  If anything, take it as a sign that you need to improve and use that drive to fuel your progress as an artist.


First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated.  We didn't get a lot of submission(s), but this one rocked our socks.

(DL/SFM) Animazam (CONTEST ENTRY) by SourceRabbit

Now the question is:  Does the group want to adopt Animazam as the official OC of the group?  Let your voices be heard!

The contest winners have already been paid 4 months of DA premium (per SourceRabbit 's request) for a spectacular job in making a true custom OC.  

Edit:  It's official.  With an 84% "yes" on Strawpoll, Animazam has been voted as the official OC of SFM-Ponies.  Thanks again to everyone who participated!
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Group Info

SFM-Ponies is a group based around the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic using valves's source film maker.
Super Group
Until Nov 17, 2015

Founded 3 Years ago
Dec 26, 2012


Group Focus
source film maker ponies

919 Members
1,605 Watchers
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Becoming a Member

The only requirement to be accepted as a member into the group is to have at least one deviation in your gallery that is (a) created in SFM and (b) created by you.   

You do not need to be a member to comment or submit (to most galleries).  If you are here looking for help to get started in SFM, you are welcome to comment on the group's home-page or submit a note to the group.  Consider watching the group until you meet the requirement for membership.

Deviations created in Ponylumen, Gmod, Blender/Maya/etc do not count as SFM deviations (nor are they accepted into the group).

Submission Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when submitting a deviation to SFM-Ponies.

Posters of 1-2 Ponies
  • Background Ponies: Cannon ponies from MLP:FIM who do not fall into any of the below categories.
  • CMC: Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, and Babs Seed
  • Mane 6: The main 6 characters of MLP:FIM
  • OC Ponies: Any personal or non-cannon OC
  • Royal Family: Princess Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Prince Blueblood, and Shining Armor
  • SFW Anthro Ponies: *safe for work* anthropomorphic ponies
  • SFM Ponies Only:  Ponies next to a SFM logo
  • Villains: Bad guys from MLP:FIM

Posters of 3 or more Ponies

  • Small groups: 3 or 4 ponies in a poster.
  • Large groups: 5+ ponies in a poster

Special Categories

Note:  These categories override the other non-resource categories.
  • Animated: Animations created in SFM.
  • Comics: A multiple panel image with texts and a story OR tumblr ask-blog type images
  • Contest Folder:  Folder that's specifically used for group contest submissions
  • Crossovers: Posters that combine cannon MLP with other franchisees/games/etc like Fallout Equestria, Five Nights at Pinkies/FNAF, etc.
  • Equestria Girls: For all posters containing Equestria Girls models.


Note:  All submissions must be able to be downloaded or linked to download/workshop.
  • Pony Source Files:  For SMDs, QCs, etc relating to the creation of pony models (ie. resources for before a model is compiled for Source)
  • SFM Resource: Downloadable models, animation cycles, etc useable in SFM and related to MLP.  
  • SFM Safe Maps: Maps made to work in SFM and related to MLP.
  • SFM ponies WIP: Show off your WIPs (Must be in-engine like HLMV, SFM, etc)
  • SFM Resource OC: Downloadable resources containing either personal or non-show-cannon original characters.
  • Tutorial: Tutorials for either working within or creating resources for SFM
If you find any submissions erroneously accepted into the group or in the wrong folders, please report them to us for consideration.

Home Page/Group Journal Comment Guidelines

  • Keep drama-inducing comments to a minimum
  • Don't link to any journal or submission that perpetuates personal drama or bias
  • Don't ask for someone to make your OC (outside of the journals linked below)
  • Comments regarding the administration of the group are welcome, but consider sending a note to the group or one of the admins before doing so.  Admins have defined expectations and will be held accountable for their actions on DA.  Legitimate concerns and complaints will be considered and responded to with the appropriate amount of seriousness.
  • Constructive feedback for improving the group is welcome and will be considered by the group administration.
Comments will be judged on a case-by-case basis, but only the more serious of offending comments will have action taken on them (we're not trying to "rule with an iron fist" here).  Repeat serious offenders may find themselves blocked, but this resolution will be avoided unless deemed necessary.  In the event of a random deviant (non-member) unrelated to the group or SFM in general breaks the rules, the deviant will likely be automatically blocked.

If you want a pony OC done for you to use on SFM, don't ask on the group's comments or notes.  Instead, go HERE or HERE and talk to someone from those lists to make your OC.

SFM-Ponies's sister site: PonySFM
SFMP_Ru community site: SFMP_Ru

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M3G4-P0N1 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Is there anyway to make good quality gifs with adobe after ffects cs4? I tried to do with photoshop but the 'save for web' button don't work
Warhorse26 Featured By Owner 1 day ago   Filmographer
What version of Photoshop do you have? And also, take a look at this tutorial
M3G4-P0N1 Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago
I did exactly like him, but my photoshop shows a error when I go save, photoshop Cs6. Well it works for something basic with more or less 10 frames, but it shows a error when I try a sfm gif with more or less 200 frames

Adobe save for web error

Could not complete this operation. An unkow error has ocurred
Warhorse26 Featured By Owner 23 hours ago   Filmographer
hmmm... I don't really know what to tell ya.. How many frames was the GIF? If it's something really big, you might have to try a new method that allows that many frames to come into the program. 
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DreamingLionesse Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2015  Professional
Who do I talk to in order for a model of my OC Fairy Tale to be made?
pegasis12 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015
can you make model SFM of my OC, please?
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