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Evening everyone, just a quick update. I've been looking back at some past journals to find that one in particular hasn't been updated in quite a while...

So if I could ask those people who are still open for OC Model Requests to say they are still open, or for those that want to be removed, added, ect.

I've noticed in the comments on the Model Request journal that people were frustrated in the lack of updating. This is that update. Please leave a comment on THIS journal if you wish to change your standing on the other one. I will constantly be updating the OC Pony Request journal as time goes on, and also when people comment on this one. As of now, the journal will remain as is until the people on it say otherwise. Thank you, and have a great rest of your day.

Edit: Refer to the OC Pony Request Journal here…

Many of you may have noticed a small percent of the SFW Anthro Ponies images from that folder has been removed, this is due to complicates of some pictures being close to being NSFW/Nude-like/Fetish.

A few new rules are going to be added to the SFW Anthro Ponies submission guidelines:

All anthropomorphic ponies in the image must be at-lest a quarter clothed or fully clothed to be approved.

Any images that have half or more of the anthropomorphic ponies body or bodies exposed we be declined.

Any images that contains a fetish or fetish like well be declined.
If you feel that the image is being misjudged, please pervade evidences that the image is not.

I will remind some of you, that our sister group :iconsfm-ponies-nsfw: was made for this kind of stuff.

please use that group for all your NSFW/Nude/Fetish work.

thank you for reading.

Hey there, BeardedDoomGuy here.

I'm just letting you all know that we are looking for new and active contributors for the group.

We'll be holding auditions for contributor spots around mid February, if not I'll update you all with a date.

Now there's something else I would like to address:

Many of you may have noticed that three of the contributors have been moved down to members, This is due to them being un-active within the admin group.

I personally would like to thank the three of them for their help with group.
:iconargodaemon: :iconpercytechnic: :iconata64:

"Thank you guys, thank you for taking time out of your day to help the group become what it is now. thank you for all the nice work you do so proudly. thank you for being there to help me. thanks!"

Now go give them a watch and keep those pony SFM pictures coming you guys.

Now get back to work.
Howdy, folks!  Just a brief announcement.  Our community's video collaboration, Doors, has done well with the general MLP fanbase over the last couple of years, and it seems that Doors 2 was voted the #2 video of 2016 in JHaller's annual Top 25 Pony videos.

While the Top 10/Top 25 Pony Videos spotlight is of debatable prestige to some critics, it is one of the most visible metrics and accolades an MLP video creator can have within the general MLP fanbase.   I remember a time when SFM Ponies were scoffed at for the medium (3D/SFM) en masse.  It still is to some extent, but it means a lot to have the medium (and thereby your works) given a fairer playing field.  This is a victory to not just the artists who were involved but the community as a whole.

Keep up the great work.    

Thanks and Gig'em,

It took Bronycon a little while to get the video of this year's panel on Youtube, but it is finally up.  On panel:

(Left to Right) :iconata64: :iconvulsegardt: :iconargodaemon: :iconwarhorse26: :iconkelchanferret: :iconyaasho: and Dolphin (who was sent to Argo with the express porpoise of being my representative on panel) 

Cm5IoS7XYAEdChF[1] by The4thaggie

I'm not sure he adquately handled modeling questions despite me giving him my 10 years of XP and knowledge of Maya....

Thanks to everyone who attended the panel or atleast said hi to these folks.  Bronycon is SFM-Ponies' big convention.

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